HCA 2018 Mentoring Program

HCA 2018 Mentoring Program

As part of our club's ongoing commitment to helping our members succeed and fostering stronger links across generations of Harvard alumni, the Harvard Club of Australia is offering mentors to a small number of Harvard graduates.

Applicants should ideally hold a 3 year membership of the Harvard Club, or intend to remain a member for 3 years, and have graduated from one of the Harvard schools relatively recently. You will be matched with senior members of the Harvard Club of Australia based on your answers to the application questions. So please take time to consider your answers and be as specific as possible.

The program is scheduled to be launched with a kick-off & networking event (likely to be in June), and will formally run until the end of year. Mentors & Mentees will form their own agreements about meetings and conversations and we will support each mentoring pair by providing some guidelines at the beginning of the program. We will also check in on each mentoring pair every few months and be available throughout the program to discuss any issues that might arise.

Interested in participating? Please see details below.
Applications are due by Friday 27 April 2018.


Any and all questions, please contact us. We look forward to this year's program!
Yu Zhang &
Susan Overall

What to do next:

1. Send your CV to Club Administrator Suzie Ruse

2. Answer the Application Questions for Mentees - please click here for the Google Forms link.

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Norma Ingram, Winner First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award

The Harvard Club of Australia congratulates Norma Ingram, the first Indigenous woman to graduate from Harvard, and winner of the First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award.

First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award


The First State Super Lifetime Achievement Award is new in 2018 and recognises an outstanding woman who has dedicated her life towards the advancement of women in NSW.

Norma Ingram is a Wiradjuri woman born in Cowra, NSW. She has lived most of her life in inner-city Redfern.

With a life-long passion for education and Aboriginal politics, Norma has been part of the Aboriginal political movement since the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs in the 1960s. A natural networker, Norma uses any occasion to share her culture with others and educate non-Aboriginal people about its importance in today’s society.

The first Aboriginal person to graduate from Harvard University attaining a Master’s Degree in Education, Norma continues to update her qualifications. She believes that education and healthy lifestyle is key for Aboriginal people and Norma has developed programs that focus on helping provide this for Aboriginal women. These programs are used in Aboriginal communities as well as in TAFE.

Norma has a rich and varied resume: she has been CEO of both the Metropolitan Local and the State Aboriginal Land Councils; she managed projects with NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and has run training programs at QANTAS, TAFE and the University of Technology, Sydney.

Norma has also shared her expertise sitting on numerous committees and boards of Aboriginal organisations. Her role as Chairperson of the Wyanga Aboriginal Elders Program continues to remind her that Aboriginal stories are essential to the continuation of Aboriginal culture and must be passed on to the younger generation.
Norma lives in Redfern.


HCA Member Professor Hala Zreiqat, Winner of NSW Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year

The Harvard Club of Australia congratulates Prof. Hala Zreiqat, Australia-Harvard Fellow (2013), and Winner of 2018 NSW Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year.

NSW Premier’s Award for Woman of the Year

The NSW Premier's Woman of the Year Award recognises NSW women who have excelled in their chosen career, field or passion. These women are exceptional achievers who have made a significant contribution to NSW and whose accomplishments make them a strong role model for other women.

Professor Hala Zreiqat


Hala Zreiqat grew up, studied and worked in Jordan before moving to Sydney to do a PhD in Medical Sciences – a decision that transformed her life. Today she is recognised internationally for her extraordinary contributions to regenerative medicine and translational orthopaedic research.

Hala is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sydney, where she founded the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Unit in 2006. Pioneering the invention of new biomaterials and biomedical devices, the unit’s work is giving NSW a place at the table in the highly competitive global orthopaedic market.

Described as a trailblazer in championing opportunities for women, Hala was the first female president of the Australian and New Zealand Orthopaedic Research Society. A Senior Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council for the last 10 years, she was also the first person in NSW to receive a prestigious Radcliffe Fellowship from Harvard University.

Hala is also known for her work in developing the younger generation and is an avid supporter of upcoming Australian researchers; having mentored many postdoctoral researchers and supervised almost 70 PhD, Masters and Honours students. While at Harvard, Hala founded a new international network called IDEAL Society, dedicated to improving opportunities and recognition for women around the world.


Monday Club Lunch series, Opportunity to convene

The Harvard Club of Australia is seeking expressions of interest from members who wish to convene the Harvard Monday Club lunch series. 

The lunch events are conducted as informal forums for Harvard Alumni and their guests to engage with a diverse group of accomplished guest speakers. They provide an opportunity for members from all schools to discuss and debate topical issues in the true Harvard spirit.  The Monday Club lunch is held at the offices of JBWere or the Union Club in the Sydney CBD on the first Monday of each month.

The convenor (or group of co-convenors) invite, coordinate and host guest speakers with the full support of HCA administrator Suzie Ruse and HCA councillors. We are looking to have a transition period for the new convenors starting from April 2018. Please contact Suzie Ruse at suzie@harvardclub.org.au to express your interest or for further information. 

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New year Welcome Message from Justin Greiner & Harvard Club Membership Renewal Now Due

New year Welcome Message from Justin Greiner & Harvard Club Membership Renewal Now Due


Thank you for your support of the Harvard Club of Australia in 2017. Your membership is now due for renewal.

In 2018, our focus is simple. We want to make a difference as a Harvard community in Australia:

  • For Members – to extend the unique Harvard experience (event details below)

  • For Harvard – to enhance Harvard’s reputation in Australia

  • For Australia – to make a worthwhile contribution to Australian society

Your membership is now due for renewal and I’m asking you to take two minutes and renew your subscription which remains at the same cost.

Please consider the 3 year membership option, $200 (a saving of $25).

Any queries regarding your membership, username or password, please email Suzie Ruse, HCA Administrator or call 0424 243 369.


Some of the Club's notable upcoming events and programs include:

  • Non-Profit Awards Lunch, 2 May, Macquarie, with guest speaker Scott Farquhar, Atlassian

  • 2018 AGM Dinner, June, with guest speaker Mike Baird, investment banker and former Premier of New South Wales

  • 2018 Program for Leaders 'The Future of Work in the Digital Age: winning through talent, technology and improved productivity', 29 July – 3 August with Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee. Clive Gard Scholarship applications open soon for a fully funded place for a member.

  • The Mentoring Program.

  • Regular Monday Club lunches. Upcoming speakers include novelist Ceridwen Dovey (5 March) and Australian adventurer Michael Smith (9 April).

  • Events and Drinks and for Young Alumni - 2018 Kick Off drinks on Friday 16 Feb, details here - All Welcome.

Whether you make it to one or all of our events, I look forward to seeing you in the Harvard Club in 2018.

Yours sincerely            

Justin Greiner

President, Harvard Club of Australia

Club supports Cardiac Research via key Harvard collaborations

Harvard Club of Australia is proud of its association with  Sydney’s Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, most recently awarding a Fellowship to Professor Calum MacRae, a distinguished cardiology researcher and clinician from Harvard Medical School.

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of death. When it comes to fighting it, VCCRI stands in the front row of change agents. In one or more of its forms, the disease claims the life of an Australian every 12 minutes; it can affect anybody, irrespective of age or gender. Labelled Australia’s most expensive disease, it currently costs us more than $7.6 billion in healthcare expenditure annually. VCCRI is dedicated to finding cures for it.

To date, our Club has awarded three Fellowships to VCCRI’s cause. Professor MacRae was a special invitee to VCCRI’s signal international event last December, the newly rebadged Sydney Cardiovascular Symposium, now bigger and better with the collaborative sponsorship of the Heart Research Institute. By delivering its annual Princesses’ Lecture, MacRae followed a stellar cast of  the world’s leading clinicians and scientists. (The Lecture is named for Princesses Mary and Diana, both of whom were strong supporters of the Institute’s research.) Professor MacRae is the Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at HMS. In addition to running a busy Cardiology department, he is actively engaged in clinical and basic research, and was catapulted to the spotlight on the world stage two years ago when he became the recipient of One Brave Idea, a one-off $75 million grant funded by the American Heart Association and others. His visionary research project looks at coronary artery disease and its consequences, with potential applications to a broad set of human diseases.

Professor MacRae’s recent visit fostered longstanding collaborative links between HMS and Australia, first established by interactions between Professor Bob Graham AO and Professor Christine Seidman at Mass. General Hospital. Seidman and her husband have been mentors and collaborators of VCCRI’s Professor Diane Fatkin for over 20 years. In 2012, our Club’s Foundation awarded Diane an Australia-Harvard Fellowship to undertake sabbatical studies in the Seidman Laboratory. She worked closely with Professor MacRae for nearly five years when they were both research fellows there, undertaking studies with results now firmly defined in prestigious journals.

Harvard Club’s association with VCCRI began in 2004, when the Club’s Foundation awarded an Australia-Harvard Fellowship to Professor Charles I. Berul, at that time the world leader in adapting mouse models to cardiology research conditions.

by John Turner

Photo : (l-r) Professors Calum Macrae (HMS), Diane Fatkin (VCCRI), Bob Graham AO (VCCRI)  [Photo courtesy of VCCRI]

Photo: (l-r) Professors Calum Macrae (HMS), Diane Fatkin (VCCRI), Bob Graham AO (VCCRI)

[Photo courtesy of VCCRI]

The HCA Year in Review by Justin Greiner, President

The HCA Year in Review by Justin Greiner, President

Justin Greiner, President, Harvard Club of Australia

Justin Greiner, President, Harvard Club of Australia

The Harvard Club of Australia has had a busy year with something for every member and many new members joining as well.  We have held over 30 events attended by over 900 members and guests. These included 3 Video-linked events for members around the Country, including members of our sister club in Victoria. The most popular of these was HBS Professor Rosabeth Kantor talking about the Advanced Leadership initiative at Harvard. This is the first Harvard program that works across the 12 Harvard faculties. Two Australians, Tom Dery and Amanda Rischbieth, have completed this program. In September, the Prime Minister helped us celebrate 50 years of the Harvard Club R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard. This event was attended by 200 members and provided an opportunity to thank the donors and benefactors who support all of our scholarships. The Monday club has continued to offer a wide range of interesting speakers and we had several Senior Leaders speak to the club as well. We also enjoyed an arts program that included performances by Harvard “a Cappella” singing groups, and a well-attended theatre night at NIDA.

Our mentoring program has joined 10 mentees with 10 mentors and we plan to progressively expand this program. We supported Global Networking Nights organised by the Harvard Alumni Association as an inexpensive way of enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members. We now have an active group of recent graduates and younger members who are hosting periodic Young-member events. Our chapters in Brisbane, Perth and Canberra are active and offer both social events and events with guest speakers.

Our annual Program for Leaders was a significant success with high ratings from participants and a significant financial surplus to support scholarship programs. 7 Club members attended the Program for Leaders. Two received a scholarship for a fully paid place, and 5 were offered half scholarships. The 2018 program for Leaders will be held at the end of July and features Professors Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Ethan Bernstein teaching “The future of work in the digital age: winning through talent, technology and improved productivity.”

This year we have awarded or supported 20 scholarships, including 2 Menzies post graduate scholarships, 4 Australia Harvard Fellowships, 2 Non Profit Fellowships, 3 School Principal scholarships, 4 Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarships, 2 indigenous post graduate scholarships and 3 indigenous Bursaries. All of these worthy scholars will make a significant contribution to our country in the years ahead.

We are nearing the completion of our strategy development process, which will progressively develop new initiatives for Members, for Australia and for Harvard. To fully implement our ambitious plans will require us to recruit 30 additional volunteer Program Leaders over the next few years. We presently have 24 Program leaders. There is a role for everyone. Please let me know if you would like to make a contribution!

We are now working to change our organisation model to increase capacity and capability to deliver a much broader range of services and programs. To do this we plan to appoint 5 Vice Presidents, each in charge of a Mission Group. The President and VP’s will form an executive Board which will meet quarterly. The Council will continue to be comprised of Program Leaders, including Chapter convenors, and will meet 3 or 4 times a year to celebrate success and review progress. The change in organisation model will require changes to our 56 year old constitution. We will be communicating and explaining the changes in early 2018 with a view to ratifying at the 2018 AGM.

I would like to thank all our volunteers, without whom none of the above is possible.  And I would particularly like to recognise and thank Suzie Ruse for her extraordinary work to oversee everything that the Club delivers to members. 

I am excited by the many opportunities we have in 2018 to enhance camaraderie among members, to support professional development of our members, and to offer transformational scholarship and fellowship programs to outstanding Australians.

I wish you a happy holiday season and looking forward to connecting with you in 2018.

Justin Greiner


The Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarship - 2018 applications now open

Opportunities for Education Leaders

The Public Education Foundation recognises the pivotal role that principals and education leaders play in transforming student outcomes and bolstering education standards.

Three scholarship opportunities are offered for mid-career Principals to ‘reflect, refocus and recharge’ through professional education programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  These are:

  • The Teachers Mutual Bank Education Scholarship
  • The Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarship
  • The Public Education Foundation Principals Scholarship

The Teachers Mutual Bank Executive Leadership Scholarship provides a scholarship for Senior Education Executives to undertake a short professional leadership program at Harvard Kennedy School in the USA.  The Scholarship provides a successful applicant with the opportunity to explore modes of collaborative working and to identify opportunities for innovative leadership.

Applications for these scholarships will open in mid November 2017, for travel and study in 2018.

“Harvard made me think, ask questions and formulate how and why school transformation can be successful.  Through workshops, case studies and often rich dialogue with educators from around the world, Harvard provided opportunities to construct purposeful meaning about planning schools for the future. I remember the saying that the scholarship will be life-changing – so true.”

John Goh, Principal Merrylands East Public School.
2015 Harvard Club of Australia Scholarship recipient


Save the Date! 2018 HCA Program for Leaders "The Future of Work in the Digital Age"

2018 HCA Program for Leaders

'The Future of Work in the Digital Age: winning through talent, technology and improved productivity'


Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Ethan Bernstein

LEARN MORE: Request the Brochure


The 2018 Harvard Club Program for Leaders 'The Future of Work in the Digital Age: winning through talent, technology and improved productivity' aims to help participants understand the ways leading organisations use technology and data to improve the production of their workforce and gain competitive advantage in the market place.

Dates: Sunday 29 July to Friday 3 August 2018
Venue: RACV Healesville, nr Melbourne, Victoria
Format: Five Day Residential Program. Fee $10,750+GST. Ask about EarlyBird & Team Discounts.
Contact: Suzie Ruse, Program Manager, or Melinda Muth, Program Director, 0419 277 376.


HCA Event Reports - November 2017

Event Report - Monday Club Lunch with Tim Costello AO, 6 November 2017

Over 30 members and guests gathered in 3 states to hear Tim Costello hosted in JBWere Melbourne by Justin Greiner. The video conferencing was so clear, those of us in Sydney and Canberra felt like we were in the same room. Tim gave a broad overview of the nonprofit, or 'for purpose' sector as he prefers to call it. Despite there being 54,000 charities in Australia, many of them with income of less than $50,000 per year, and average donations now at only 0.4% of salary (Tim' father used to donate 10% of his teacher's wage) he was resounding in his belief that Yes, charity does still matter.

Event Report - Senior Leaders Lunch with Tom Dery AO, 23 November 2017, Sydney

HCA Councillor Ted Blamey with Tom Dery AO

HCA Councillor Ted Blamey with Tom Dery AO

30 members and guests heard Tom Dery AO (pictured with Ted Blamey) speak of his career and transformative ALI experience at Harvard, some key learnings being Ideas, Vision and Momentum.

Event Report: Thanksgiving Dinner, 23 November, Brisbane

Jon Lindsay writes: The Queensland Chapter once again had a great turnout for its traditional Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Brisbane Club. We welcomed Justin Greiner, HCA President and new Queensland Wolfensohn Scholar, Selwyn Button, Assistant Director-General for State Schools-Indigenous Education in Queensland. Save the date for 2018: 22 November!

Selwyn Button, HCA Wolfensohn Scholar 2017

Selwyn Button, HCA Wolfensohn Scholar 2017

2017 Australia-Harvard Fellow Prof. Bruce Furie at the Centenary Institute

2017 Australia-Harvard Fellow Prof. Bruce Furie at the Centenary Institute

Prof. Bruce Furie, one of the 2017 Australia-Harvard Fellows, spoke at the Centenary Institute in Sydney about his research into how certain enzymes are likely to promote the formation of blood clots that lead to heart attacks.  

After the lecture, Prof. Furie, who serves as Chief of Hemostasis-Thrombosis at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, was presented with his fellowship citation by Dr. Galina Kaseko, the A-H Fellowship Program Director.

Prof. Furie and Dr. Kaseko were joined by Prof. Philip Hogg, his collaborator at the Centenary Institute, and Prof Mathew Vadas, AO FAHMS , Executive Director of the Centenary Institute and Chair of the Australia-Harvard Fellowship program.

Prof. Furie with Prof. Philip Hogg, his collaborator at the Centenary Institute, and Prof Mathew Vadas, AO FAHMS , Executive Director of the Centenary Institute and Chair of the Australia-Harvard Fellowship program.     

Prof. Furie with Prof. Philip Hogg, his collaborator at the Centenary Institute, and Prof Mathew Vadas, AO FAHMS , Executive Director of the Centenary Institute and Chair of the Australia-Harvard Fellowship program.



Applications Open: R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard


Awarded in partnership with The Harvard Club of Australia and The Australian National University, the scholarship is administered by the ANU for postgraduate study in the United States .

The RG Menzies Scholarship to Harvard is awarded annually to at least one talented Australian who has gained admission to a Harvard graduate school. The ideal candidates for the Scholarship are Australians whose primary objective, after completing their studies at Harvard, is to make a significant contribution to this country's development.


To be considered for a Menzies Scholarship, you must be an Honours graduate (or equivalent) of an Australian university or other recognised Australian tertiary institution and:

  • be an Australian citizen, or have permanent resident status, and normally reside in Australia;
  • intend to return to Australia after completing your studies or to directly represent Australia overseas;
  • have not commenced or previously undertaken a postgraduate degree course at a United States university; and
  • must not have accepted another major scholarship (such as a Knox, Fulbright or Monash Award).

You must also have applied to the Harvard graduate school of your choice, and either been accepted or be confident about meeting its admission requirements and deadlines.

You must also address these criteria:

  • qualities of intellect - as demonstrated through academic achievement and likely benefit from study at a Harvard graduate school;
  • qualities of leadership - as demonstrated by prominence in your chosen field or by involvement in, for example, community affairs; and
  • breadth of vision - as evidenced by the way you look at your present or intended profession in relation to its contribution to Australia and the Australian community.

There is no specific weighting for these criteria and the Selection Committee considers all fields of study. Mid-career applicants will also be assessed against an appropriate level of achievement.

The Committee may also consider these factors:

  • financial need and the financial resources available; and
  • field of study - the Committee may consider the academic endeavours of past scholars to broaden the scholarship's focus into all academic areas.

The Committee will also give preference to candidates who are not duplicating graduate studies previously undertaken elsewhere and who have not completed an undergraduate degree in the United States.


The scholarship is valued at up to USD$60,000 paid as a one-off payment at the commencement of the Harvard academic year. No other benefits are payable.

How to apply

Applications for 2018 will open on Friday 3 November 2017 and close on Thursday 9 February 2018, for scholarships to be taken up in that year (fall term in the USA). 

The application form will be available in pdf from Friday 3 November 2017, however If you require it in an alternative format, please contact: philanthropic.scholarships@anu.edu.au

Key Dates for 2018

  • Friday 3 November 2017 - Applications open 
  • Thursday 9 February 2018 - Applications close
  • Monday 26 February 2018 - Referee reports due for shortlisted candidates  

Please note that only one RG Menzies Scholarship will be awarded in 2018.


USD$60,000 paid as a one-off payment

1 on offer

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Nominations Open: HCA Nonprofit Fellowship 2018

The HCA Nonprofit Fellowship Program 2018
Founding Patrons:  William D. Ferris AC and Lea Ferris


HCA Member Nominations – now to Friday 1 December 2017

Today we launch the 18th year of our Club’s Nonprofit Fellowships and I am honoured to continue as Chair of the program again this year. 
As in previous years, we invite you to identify and nominate suitable nonprofit CEO candidates to join the ranks of the 40 outstanding leaders selected to date.
The nomination process is straightforward.  All the relevant details, the eligibility criteria and the online nomination form are on the HCA website Here.

**Please note the program dates for 2018 are different to previous years to allow more planning time for our successful Fellows.  The Nomination process will now close on Friday 1 December 2017, and applications must be received by 5 February 2018.**
The HCA Nonprofit Fellowships were created in 2001 aiming to:

  • help bring enhanced leadership skills and performance to the Australian nonprofit sector;
  • assist nonprofit leaders to examine their missions, develop new strategies, improve organisational effectiveness;
  • lever the experience of those who are selected to benefit the Australian community generally.

Valued at $A12,500, each Fellowship has been funded by our patrons, Bill and Lea Ferris. We send two Fellows annually to Harvard Business School’s landmark course Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management* in July each year.  They return empowered and find it of real value throughout their careers. Our 480 applicants over the 17 years cover a very broad range of nonprofit endeavours from all over the nation.
Please contact me or HCA Administrator, Suzie Ruse (suzie.ruse@iinet.net.au), if you have questions. 

We hope you will participate to help extend the impact of our program and the benefits to the sector.

Lisa George,
Chair, HCA Nonprofit Fellowship Program   

* Full details on the SPNM course can be obtained from: www.exed.hbs.edu/programs/spnm/.


HBS New Venture Competition

The New Venture Competition Alumni Track serves as a launch pad for innovative new ventures from HBS alumni, providing access and exposure to potential investors, mentors, and advisors. The annual event is sponsored by the Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and Alumni Clubs & Associations. The competition is open to alumni with early-stage ventures, and winners receive an invitation to the student and alumni New Venture Competition Finale held in April.

Full details Here.


Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health Executive and Continuing Professional Education

Programs that might be of interest to HCA Members:

The International Leadership Development Program for Physicians

Audience: Physician Health Care Executives and Emerging Leaders with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or equivalent (DO, MBBS, MBChB, BMed, etc.)
February 2018
In Person Learning

Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Audience: Health Care Professionals who want to learn how to conduct clinical research
March – November 2018
Distance Learning
(If interested in this program, participants can contact stephanie.miller@ppcr.org)

Leadership Strategies for Information Technology in Health Care

Audience: Senior Managers and Executives responsible for developing and implementing health information technology strategy in their companies
May 2018
In Person Learning
You can see all our current programs here:

All Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Executive and Professional Education Programs


HCA Event Reports - October 2017

Event Report - Private Harvard Club Event at NIDA to see 'Hello Again', 23 October 2017:

Harvard Club members and guests enjoyed every aspect of the event – the welcome and introduction by Andrew Ross (Head of Music at NIDA), the pre and post drinks and eats, Hello Again featuring graduating students, and the opportunity to mix with and chat to members of the company afterwards. There is already demand to do this again in 2018.

Event Report - In Discussion with Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, 5 October 2017:

Tim Reed (HBS MBA), CEO of MYOB, shared his experiences with HCA members in leading a large company through innovation and transformation.  Tim provided a brief history of MYOB to set the scene and then focused on the importance of corporate culture in facilitating innovation.  MYOB uses themed multi-year plans to align the full team behind the mission.  Not only was the discussion open and insightful, but the culture learnings are useable for many members’ businesses and organisations.

“Tim Reed plotted an incredible 15-year ride with MYOB – from being in deep financial trouble in the early-2000’s to exceeding a $2b valuation today.
The associated cultural challenges and transformation of the Company from founder control to private equity ownership (x2) and through to a public company environment was extraordinary. ”
I found Tim refreshingly open about MYOB’s journey of ups and downs and ups. That openness gave all who attended a privileged inside look at a great Australian innovation case study. A reminder about the blend of good luck and good management when it comes to picking the right time for expansion into new growth areas and the importance of building a winning culture from the top down. I also came away proud of what Harvard alums are doing for Australia.
— HCA Member

Event Report - Monday Club Lunch with Catherine Burn, NSW Police, 9 October 2017:

At the Monday Club on 9 October, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn discussed issues an challenges facing the Force. Incidents of terrorism and social violence have increased, but so has the capacity of the police to deal with them. Actions of lone wolfs and radicalised youths are often unpredictable and difficult to anticipate. The Force works closely with other state forces and federal agencies to keep Australians as safe as possible.

Bill Gates encourages us to think beyond the trend lines. Terrorism exists, but we have longer lives, less warfare, fewer diseases, more food and better health. Keep things in proportion.
— HCA Member

Four of Australia’s most promising public servants win Harvard scholarships

Wed 12 October 2017: Caroline Edwards and Jamie Snashall were on ABC Canberra discussing the scholarship and Club.  Interview is at minute 47.



 Four of Australia’s most promising public servants win Harvard scholarships

The Harvard Club of Australia has announced the following recipients of the 2017/18 Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship:

  • Caroline Edwards, Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Health and Aged Care, Department of Human Services

  • Michael Outram, Deputy Commissioner, Operations, Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection

  • Kym Peake, Secretary, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

  • Selwyn Button, Assistant Director-General, State Schools – Indigenous Education, Queensland Department of Education and Training

The scholarships will allow Ms Edwards, Mr Outram, Ms Peake and Mr Button to undertake an executive education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2017 or 2018.

With the support of the former chairman of the World Bank, Sir James Wolfensohn, the Harvard Club of Australia established the Wolfensohn Scholarship in 2012 to promote the development and delivery of good public policy.  Each of the candidates was chosen on the basis of their potential to contribute to the benefit of Australian society.

The four recipients were chosen from a wide field of candidates, all nominated by a Commonwealth, state or territory department or agency head.  A shortlist of candidates was interviewed by a panel of Harvard University alumni comprising Luke Woodward (Gilbert + Tobin), Nick Whitlam (Port Authority of NSW), Zeke Solomon (Allens) and Peter Thompson (the Australia and New Zealand School of Government).

In 2017/18 the scholarship has been generously supported by Sir James Wolfensohn, and other donors including Zeke Solomon, Luke Woodward, Lisa George and members of the HCA Queensland Chapter also contributed support for the scholarship to the Queensland recipient, Mr Button.  Mr Button has also received a further scholarship from the Roberta Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation which has allowed him to undertake an additional executive education program at the Kennedy School.                   

Contact: Luke Woodward, 0402 257 604

Selwyn Button

Selwyn Button

60 year Celebration with special guest

The Council of the Harvard Club of Australia

invite you

to celebrate 60 years of connecting Australians and Australia with Harvard University.
This is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates, celebrate the impact of Australian scholarship and philanthropy as well as learn about the Club's plans for the future.

Saturday 16 September 2017

6:00pm - 9:00pm

The Westin Sydney, Heritage Room, No. 1 Martin Place, Sydney

Cocktails and canapés

Lounge Suit

If you are unable to attend the evening, but would like to make a donation to the HCA Foundation to build scholarship funds: