2016 Wolfensohn Scholarship Recipients Announced


Two of Australia’s most promising public servants win Harvard scholarships

30 June 2016

Simon Draper, Deputy Secretary, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and Marc Innes-Brown, First Assistant Secretary, Middle East and Africa Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are the 2016 recipients of the Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship.

 Marc Innes-Brown

Marc Innes-Brown

The scholarships will Mr Draper and Mr Innes-Brown to undertake an executive education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2016 or 2017.

With the support of the former chairman of the World Bank, Jim Wolfensohn, the Harvard Club of Australia established the Wolfensohn Scholarship in 2012 to promote the development and delivery of good public policy. Each of the candidates was chosen on the basis of their potential to contribute to the benefit of Australian society.

 Simon Draper

Simon Draper

Mr Draper’s chosen course is Senior Managers in Government and Mr Innes-Brown’s chosen course is Senior Executives in National and International Security.

The two recipients were chosen from a wide field of candidates, all nominated by a Commonwealth, state or territory department or agency head. A shortlist of candidates was interviewed by a panel of Harvard University alumni comprising Luke Woodward (Gilbert + Tobin), Nick Whitlam (Port Authority of NSW), Joanne White (Commonwealth Bank) and Peter Thompson (the Australia and New Zealand School of Government).

Contact: Luke Woodward, 0402 257 604

Elizabeth Carr, awarded AM in Queen's Birthday Honours

Harvard Club Councillor and Convenor for Western Australia, Elizabeth Carr:


Ms Elizabeth Jessie CARR, Perth WA 6000

For significant service to the community through voluntary contributions to the health, aged care, education and social services sectors. Service includes:

Inaugural Chair, icare Foundation, since 2016. Non-Executive Director, icare, since 2015.

Board Member, Safety, Return to Work and Support, 2010-2015.

Member, Workers' Compensation Insurance Fund Investment Board, 2012.

Non-Executive Chair, Risk Audit Committee, Department of Family and Community Services NSW, since 2014.

Member, Urban Growth Development Corp NSW, since 2015.

Member, Australian Technology Park NSW, since 2015.

Chair, Seton Villa, Disabilities NSW, since 2015.

Chair, St Catherine's Aged Care Services (NSW), since 2013.

Director, Board of Governors, Kambala School for Girls, Rose Bay, NSW, 2007-2013.

Member, Medical Research Advisory Council NSW, 2011-2012.

Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors, since 2011.

Board Member, Environmental Protection Authority, Western Australia, since 2011.\

Chair, South Metropolitan TAFE WA, since 2016.

Chair, Challenger Institute of Technology, WA, 2015-2016.

WA Council Member, The Funding Network, since 2013.

Council Member, Western Australian Branch, Harvard Club Australia, since 2012;

Member, since 2006. Director, Board of Governors, St Mary's Anglican Girls School, WA, since 2011 and Chair, since 2017.

Non-Executive Director, Kokoda Track Foundation, since 2010.

Non-Executive Chair, Macular Disease Foundation (formerly the Macular Degeneration Foundation), 2006-2016; Inaugural Director, 2001-2003.

Secretary, Paddington Branch, NSW Liberal Party, 2006-2010.

Advisory Council Member, Big Brother/Big Sister Program, YMCA, 2001-2003.

Advisory Council Member, National Youth Initiative, 2001-2003.

Vice-President, Rotary Club of Sydney, 2002-2003; Director, 1997-2003;

Chair, Rotary Youth Exchange Program, 1994-2003; Committee Member, 1995-2003. Member, Rotary Club of Heirisson, 1990-1992.

Taken from: https://www.gg.gov.au/sites/default/files/files/honours/qb/qb2017/mnxi3_8skq/Media%20Notes%20-%20AM%20(A%20-%20L).pdf




Rosabeth Moss Kanter - World Business Forum

Dear members, 

At the Rosabeth Moss Kanter special event last week, a number of members asked for access to the key points from her presentation at the World Business Forum.  As a service to interested members we provide the following link, hosted by WBF Sponsor, NAB, which gives members not only access to the key points from her presentation but to all the presenters at the WBF.


Justin Greiner, President, Harvard Club of Australia

2017 Harvard Club R.G. Menzies Scholarships Announced

Harvard scholars set their sights on improving international security issues and strengthening indigenous peoples’ relationship with the environment

Two outstanding achievers who have a drive and vision for how we can improve international security issues and strengthen indigenous peoples’ relationship with the environment in Australia have been awarded the prestigious RG Menzies Scholarship to Harvard for 2017.

Claire Rochecouste

Claire Rochecouste, a foreign service officer with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade intends to draw on her expertise from serving in conflict states and cities such as Baghdad, Afghanistan and Argentina, to focus her US public policy training on international security issues with an emphasis on the role of women in foreign policy making and the prevention and resolution of armed conflict. Claire is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and Monash University and holds degrees in Arts and Business.  She will enter the mid-career Masters of Public Administration at the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government in August 2017.


 Claire Rochecouste,  Claire will study for a mid-career Master in Public Administration (MPA) at the Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government to further her diplomatic career.

Claire Rochecouste,

Claire will study for a mid-career Master in Public Administration (MPA) at the Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government to further her diplomatic career.

Ellen Chapple

As Assistant Crown Counsel to the Crown Law Office of New Zealand, Ellen Chapple is a graduate of the University of Sydney and the Australian National University and holds degrees in Arts and Law.  She plans to use her expectant Masters of Law at Harvard Law School to contribute to the future of natural resources law in Australia, particularly the legal recognition of indigenous peoples’ relationship with the environment.

  Ellen Chapple, Ellen will undertake a Master of Law at the Harvard Law School with a goal to be a senior legal advocate for the Australian government.

Ellen Chapple, Ellen will undertake a Master of Law at the Harvard Law School with a goal to be a senior legal advocate for the Australian government.

The scholarships valued at US$60,000 each are Australia's most prestigious national awards for postgraduate study in the United States and are jointly awarded by the Harvard Club of Australia and the Australian National University.

Claire and Ellen will start at Harvard later this year. The scholarship selection panel was impressed by their vision for how they might improve current systems in Australia based on their early-career experiences, and how they could use international knowledge not currently maximised in Australia.

Both scholarship recipients have also dedicated significant time to volunteer activities in the community in line with their professional passions.


The RG Menzies Scholarship to Harvard

The Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarships to Harvard are Australia's most prestigious national awards for postgraduate study in the United States. Inaugurated in 1967 by prominent Australian alumni of Harvard to honour the Australian statesman and longest-serving Prime Minister, the Menzies Scholarship grants at least one annual award to talented Australians who have gained admission to a Harvard graduate school. The ideal candidates for the Scholarship are Australians whose primary objective, after completing their studies at Harvard, is to make a significant contribution to this country's development.

Awarded in partnership with The Harvard Club of Australia and the Australian National University, the scholarship is administered by the ANU for postgraduate study in the at Harvard University in the United States.

The scholarship has been awarded to over 80 scholars since 1967.

The Selection Committee may award up to two Menzies Scholarships valued at up to US$60,000 each. An additional Menzies Scholarships valued at US$60,000 may be offered every second year by HCA Philanthropy - 'Class of 1970', for a Menzies Scholar to study at the Harvard Business School.


Dear HCA Members,


For many years Harvard a Capella groups of 12 undergraduates have visited us as part of their world tours conducted during the university summer recess - the Harvard Krokodiloes (annually) & Harvard Din and Tonics (every second year).  This year, we are delighted to learn that the Radcliffe Pitches (all-female) will be visiting us here in Sydney after a long hiatus.

The Sydney stop on these tours has proven to be a highlight for the group members over the years in no small part due to the generous hospitality provided by HCA members in hosting them via homestays.  It is a chance for them to relax a bit from the rigors of the road and to catch up on basics like laundry, emails, Xbox (seems to be a big thing these days).

This year we have had late notice that The Pitches will be visiting 8-11 June (Queen’s Birthday weekend) and we welcome back the Krokodiloes a month later 8-11 July. 

We are in urgent need of places for the gals and guys to stay.  Hosting duties are a delightful experience and not onerous (typically meeting the students at the airport, giving them a place to call home for a couple of days, providing washer/dryer and internet, and letting them make their breakfast when they roll out of bed).  For the most part they come and go in accordance with their performance schedule and look after themselves.

The University has acknowledged the importance of this gift and our long support in aiding visiting students.  We seldom see any current undergraduates given our distance from Cambridge, so this activity provides one of the few opportunities for us to interact with today’s student body. Hosts always report it is a joy, indeed a privilege.

This is your opportunity to host one or two really outstanding young men or women for a couple of days.  It is chance to give an immediate gift that is rewarding and more personal than a financial bequest. Please consider the opportunity as soon as possible.

Then contact Dave Stump (davidstump@optusnet.com.au) and Suzie Ruse if you think you can help or would like more information.

Thank you!

David Stump (host families convenor) and Ted Blamey.

2017 Australia Harvard Fellow Dr. Sean Cain

2017 Australia Harvard Fellow Dr. Sean Cain was presented with his Fellowship Citation in Melbourne by A-HF Victoria Co-ordinator, Lee Gilmour.  Dr. Cain is heading off to The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to continue his collaboration with 2016 Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Klerman. Their work aims at better understanding the impact of sleep and circadian cycles on wellbeing and productivity.

HCA 2017 Mentoring Program

As part of our club's ongoing commitment to helping our members succeed and fostering stronger links across generations of Harvard alumni, the Harvard Club of Australia is offering mentors to a small number of Harvard graduates.

Applicants should be 3 year members of the Harvard Club and have graduated from one of the Harvard schools relatively recently. You will be matched with senior members of the Harvard Club of Australia based on your answers to the application questions.  So please take time to consider your answers and be as specific as possible.

The program is scheduled to be launched with a kick-off & networking event (likely to be in June), and will formally run until the end of year. Mentors & Mentees will form their own agreements about meetings and conversations and we will support each mentoring pair by providing some guidelines at the beginning of the program.  We will also check in on each mentoring pair every few months and be available throughout the program to discuss any issues that might arise.

Interested in participating?  Please see details below.

Applications are due by Friday 19 May 2017.

Any and all questions, please contact us. We look forward to this year's program!

Yu Zhang & Susan Overall

Application Questions for Mentees - please email answers and send your CV to Club Administrator Suzie Ruse:

  • Name:
  • Phone number:
  • Email:
  • Industry:
  • Are you looking for a particular type of Mentor (eg. any particular experience, background or interest)?
  • Are you looking for mentoring in a particular industry?
  • What are you hoping to achieve from the mentoring program (either resolving particular issues or achieve some broader aim)?

Australia-Harvard Fellowship awards for 2017

Australia-Harvard Fellowship awards for 2017

HCA Foundation is proud to recognise four outstanding researchers to become the 2017 Australia-Harvard Fellows. Recipients will be contributing to the advancement of scientific research in Australia, and to the enhancement of links between Harvard University and Australian academic institutions.

The four 2017 Fellows are:

  • Dr. David Haig, George Putnam Professor of Biology at Harvard University’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
  • Dr. Noel Michele Holbrook, Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry at Harvard University’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
  • Dr. Zdenka Kuncic, Professor of Physics, at the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, University of Sydney
  • Dr. Sean W. Cain, Senior Lecturer at Monash School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University

Professor David Haig

Prof. Haig is one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists. The 14,000 or so citations achieved by his publications put him in the top 1% most cited researchers. His current research interest in genetic conflicts within individual organisms exemplified by genomic imprinting with implications in medicine and understanding of human evolution. He will be visiting the Behaviour and Genetics of Social Insects lab at the University of Sydney to work with their unique Cape honey bee colony to test whether male honey bees can epigenetically modify their genome to enhance the reproductive success of their daughters, relative to the daughters of other males.  This work may help understand the development of genetic diseases. Originally from Australia, Prof. Haig also chairs the Australian Studies Committee at Harvard University. While in Australia, Prof. Haig will talk about the work of the Australian Studies Committee at Harvard and the history of Australian students at Harvard University (from 1876).

Professor Noel Michele Holbrook

Prof. Michele Holbrook studies the physics and physiology of vascular transport in plants with the goal of understanding how constraints on the movement of water and solutes between soil and leaves influences ecological and evolutionary processes. She will be visiting the Dept. of Plant Sciences at the University of Tasmania to study how the strength of liquid transport channels in plants impacts their ability to draw water from the soil, and thus sustain photosynthesis during drought. This work may lead to new ways of breeding or engineering drought-resistant crops, and provide insights to help model how native species will respond to climate change.

Professor Zdenka Kuncic

Prof. Kuncic leads a highly interdisciplinary research program at the interface between physics and medical/life sciences, applying fundamental physical principles to advance our understanding of complex living systems and human diseases. Prof. Kuncic will visit Gordon Center for Medical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital to further her collaboration with 2013 Fellow, Dr Georges El-Fakhri. Their project aims to develop a novel nanotechnology platform for medical imaging that would enable sub-clinical detection, diagnosis and targeted elimination of metastatic tumour cells, improving survival rates in cancer. They will also work on developing a detailed plan for a first-in-human clinical study in Sydney.

Doctor Sean Cain

Dr. Cain’s research focuses on basic circadian rhythms, learning, arousal and cognition. He will visit Harvard’s Broad Institute to work on a study of the genetics of circadian system’s response to light, and in particular how genetic markers of a propensity for circadian disruption lead to disabling conditions such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Type 2 Diabetes. He will also continue his collaboration with 2016 Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Klerman, on a study that aims to better understand how sleep habits of college students affect their mood and academic performance.

These awards take to 64 the total number of Australia-Harvard Fellowships granted since the program’s inception in 2004. Harvard Club of Australia Foundation congratulates these 2017 recipients and offers heartfelt thanks to our volunteers involved in selecting, monitoring and administering the program.

Galina Kaseko
Program Director
Australia-Harvard Fellowship
25 February 2017


Harvard Club of Australia Wins Outstanding Club & Shared Interest Group Contribution Award

We are proud to announce that the Harvard Club of Australia received the Club/SIG (Shared Interest Group) Recognition Award at the annual Alumni Leadership Conference on 9 February 2017. This is in recognition of HCA's exceptional efforts resulting in outstanding and innovative programming. 

Harvard Club of Australia in The Australian: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/higher-education/harvard-club-of-australia-named-universitys-best-club/news-story/478debab25a98c7f3bfced4618a945b6

 Susan Overall, HCA Councillor, accepting the Award

Susan Overall, HCA Councillor, accepting the Award

The Harvard Club of Australia's citation read:

Since its founding in 1961, the Harvard Club of Australia has dedicated itself to the mission of furthering learned exchange between Australia and Harvard. Its myriad scholarship programs fund nine post-graduate students at various Harvard schools and programs every year. Its Australia-Harvard Fellowship reinforces existing academic networks at mid-career and senior levels, with substantial impacts on scientific discovery and career advancement. The Club's focus on building connections amongst alumni includes a robust calendar of social, intellectual and cultural events; a vibrant mentoring program for Harvard graduates returning to Australia; and a focus on developing a strong Council that encourages all members to take a leadership role. As a result of their engagement efforts, the Club has doubled its paid membership in the past seven years to over 500 active members.

More details of the Awards at: http://harvardmagazine.com/2017/03/haa-clubs-and-sigs-awards



Harvard Club of Australia named university’s best club

 Justin Greiner is the president of the Harvard Club of Australia. Picture: Aaron Francis

Justin Greiner is the president of the Harvard Club of Australia. Picture: Aaron Francis


“It just doesn’t get much bigger than this,” laughs Justin Greiner as he speaks of the Harvard Club of Australia, of which he is president, being named Harvard Club of the Year.

Beneath the mirth is genuine pride at the efforts the club has made over the past decade or so to foster a two-way, public good relationship with the university.

“We’ve had a concerted focus in the past 10 years on bringing Australians to Harvard and Harvard to Australia,” said Mr Greiner.

The club funds a series of scholarships and fellowships that see 20 to 25 people travel to Boston to study. These include postgraduate scholarships, including one for an indigenous postgraduate researcher, as well as a range of others for school principals, public servants and not-for-profit leaders.

That level of philanthropy doesn’t come cheaply, with most of the funds raised from the club’s 600 members, a range of partnerships and from putting the profits from its leadership program back into its endowment.

“We hope to get to the point that the scholarships can be funded out of interest on the endowment,” Mr Greiner said.

His experience was a two-year MBA at the top university, graduating in 2000. The experience, he said, was a “privilege”.

“It was the most wonderful opportunity in my life and I’m still very grateful.”

Mr Greiner is six months into his two-year term as president of the Harvard Club of Australia. He said he was constantly surprised by the diversity of the alumni group — including people who have studied divinity, business, politics and health, just for starters. He said their generosity could be informed by their American experience. Harvard’s own endowment is worth $US38 billion ($50bn).

“Certainly, having gone to the US and been exposed to the level of philanthropic activity in universities there changes people’s awareness and understanding of what can be achieved,” Mr Greiner said. “They understand the importance of giving back.”

So was there a reward for the Harvard Club of Australia as a consequence of its exceptional works?

“We got a certificate and the satisfaction that you have to keep going.”

2017 Non Profit Fellowship Nominations are Open!

The Non Profit Fellowships of A$12,500 each enable two Fellows selected from the non profit sector Australia-wide to attend the renowned Harvard Business School course titled “Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management” (SPNM)  which is held each year in July.

Nominees must be the head of a non profit organisation who has the potential to have a significant impact in the non profit sector, and who meets various additional criteria.

Applicants may be nominated by a HCA member, a past Non Profit Fellow or the Chairman of their organisation. Applicants may also self nominate but must nominate a referee.

Click here for eligibility criteria, full details and Applicant Nomination Link.

Nominations Close 3 March.

 2016 Fellow, Karen Bevan, CEO Playgroup NSW

2016 Fellow, Karen Bevan, CEO Playgroup NSW

View the Brochure: 'Digital Innovation and Leading Transformation' 23-28 July 2017

Harvard Club Program for Leaders 2017

Presented by Harvard Business School Professors

Karim Lakhani and Tsedal Neeley

The 2017 Harvard Club Program for Leaders 'Digital Innovation and Leading Transformation' will focus on leadership and strategy in the digital age.

Dates: Sunday 23 July to Friday 28 July 2017
Venue: Aitken Hill Conference Centre (15 mins from Melbourne Airport)
Format: Five Day Residential Program. Fee $10,750+GST. Ask about EarlyBird & Team Discounts.
Contact: Suzie Ruse, Program Manager, or Melinda Muth, Program Director, 0419 277 376.

HBS Awarded 'Best Business School in the North American Geographical Category' in Perth

Mark Paganin, member of the WA Chapter of the Harvard Club of Australia reports that Harvard Business School was awarded the "Best Business School in the North American Geographical Category" by Eduniversal at the Gala Dinner, Government House in Perth last night, Monday 28 November.

As background, Eduniversals surveys 1,000 Deans of Business Schools globally for its annual awards and then announces the top three Business Schools in each of the nine geographical regions. At the end of the ceremony, the top three Business Schools in the world were announced, and Harvard Business School placed third. Out of interest, INSEAD was second with Copenhagen Business School (which also won the best Business School in Western Europe) being the winner.

Mark represented Harvard Business School on behalf of Justin Greiner, HCA President and made a short acceptance speech. There were approximately 250-280 in attendance at the black tie event which was very well co‑ordinated and run by the French based, Eduniversal. Curtin University of Western Australia is hosting the Oceania Conference this week for Eduniversal. There are representatives from 49 Business Schools at the Conference, many of whom attended last night's dinner.

R G Menzies Scholarship to Harvard - 50th Anniversary Planning Committee

Call for Committee Members – R G Menzies Scholarship to Harvard 50th Anniversary Planning Committee

The planning committee for this exciting HCA event next year is looking for additional members.  If you would like to assist with planning this event to be held around August, help with fundraising or plan for the future of the scholarship, please contact Kimberly Everett at kimeverett@post.harvard.edu or +61 409 323 319.