Please vote and support Rita and Geraldine in the upcoming Harvard Alumni Board Elections!

Dear Member

Peter Hasko, HCA Councillor & past HAA representative, urges you to vote and support “our” Rita and Geraldine in the upcoming Harvard Alumni Board Elections!  

For the first time in a long time, our part of the world has candidates on the ballot for Harvard Overseer and for Elected Director of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA). 

Rita Pang from Hong Kong -  Elected Director  ("Our" Rita from Hong Kong is the only overseas candidate!) 

Geraldine Acuna-Sunshine from Boston  / the Philippines - Overseer

These elections are often decided by fewer than ten votes, so our participation as Hong Kong alumni is significant.  Please consider using your votes to support these candidates.  (Deadline: Must be received in Cambridge by May 15).

This is a formidable challenge as many of the votes outside US do not make it back before the deadline.  Our Club has arranged for special ballots pick-up so they can be sent back by FedEx in one batch. See below.

Collection of Ballots

By Mail to our Club's Address in Hong Kong (must be received by May 7, 2018, Monday, at The Harvard Club Hong Kong, G.P.O. Box 1723, HK)

2 dates for pick up / collection of paper ballots

April 10 (New Admits Event - Grand Central Bar, Roof Level, Elements, 1 Austin Rd, TST)

April 18 (Curing With Sound - Lunch at the Hong Kong Club)

If you lose your ballot or never receive one: Call Election Services help desk 1-866-720-4357 to request a replacement ballot. Or email the help desk Include name, mailing add, degree & graduation year.

See Rita and Geraldine's biographies below and attached.

Rita Pang (Hong Kong, the SAR of the Republic of China)
A.B. ’96 cum laude;  J.D. ’99, Duke Law School
Harvard Alumni Association, Committee Co-Chair
Harvard Alumni Association, Director for Asia 2014-2017
Harvard Club of Hong Kong, Co-President 2014-2016, Co-Secretary 2016-present

Geraldine Acuna-Sunshine (the Philippines / Boston)
A.B. ’92 ;  M.P.P. '96 Harvard Kennedy School; J.D. '99 Columbia University
Harvard Alumni Association, College Director
Co-chair, 20th and 25th Class of 1992 Reunions
Member, Harvard Kennedy School Dean's Council
Member, Joint Commmittee on Alumni Affairs and Development


  • the only overseas candidate for Elected Director
  • an alumni representative for Asia with a long record of alumni service 
  • an entrepreneur dedicated to implementing innovative ideas

As an Elected Director, Rita will:

  • bring international & diverse perspectives and experiences to the Board to strengthen One Harvard,
  • provide another bridge between Harvard and Asia, and enable collaboration among different alumni clubs and alumni around the world.


VOTE FOR Geraldine Acuna-Sunshine. She is:

  • the only overseas candidate for Overseer 
  • an alumni representative for Asia and the US with a long record of alumni service 
  • brings diverse experiences from the field of law, medicine, public health, and research

As an Overseers, Geraldine will:

  • help deepen the programmatic partnerships among the Schools in Harvard
  • help Harvard harness its synergistic power to resolve our world's most intractable problems


The Harvard alumni community provides stewardship for the University by electing the Overseers and Elected Directors. The alumni who participate in the elections are choosing the leaders who will guide the University and the Alumni community. International alumni – i.e. you -- need to vote to be a part of this process.

Elected Directors provide leadership for the HAA and its various committees, a capacity often demonstrated by a record of service to Harvard and an ability to communicate widely and effectively with other alumni.

The Board of Overseers is one of Harvard’s two governing boards, the other being the President and Fellows, also known as the Corporation. Drawing on the diverse experience and expertise of its members, the Board of Overseers exerts broad influence over the University's strategic directions, provides essential counsel to the University’s leadership on priorities and plans, has the power of consent to certain actions such as the election of Corporation members and appointment of the President, and directs the visitation process by which a broad array of Harvard Schools and departments are periodically reviewed. The more than 50 visiting committees directed by the Board, on which Overseers serve with others, play a principal role in assessing the quality of Harvard’s programs and assuring that the University remains true to its charter as a place of learning.