Dear HCA Members,


For many years Harvard a Capella groups of 12 undergraduates have visited us as part of their world tours conducted during the university summer recess - the Harvard Krokodiloes (annually) & Harvard Din and Tonics (every second year).  This year, we are delighted to learn that the Radcliffe Pitches (all-female) will be visiting us here in Sydney after a long hiatus.

The Sydney stop on these tours has proven to be a highlight for the group members over the years in no small part due to the generous hospitality provided by HCA members in hosting them via homestays.  It is a chance for them to relax a bit from the rigors of the road and to catch up on basics like laundry, emails, Xbox (seems to be a big thing these days).

This year we have had late notice that The Pitches will be visiting 8-11 June (Queen’s Birthday weekend) and we welcome back the Krokodiloes a month later 8-11 July. 

We are in urgent need of places for the gals and guys to stay.  Hosting duties are a delightful experience and not onerous (typically meeting the students at the airport, giving them a place to call home for a couple of days, providing washer/dryer and internet, and letting them make their breakfast when they roll out of bed).  For the most part they come and go in accordance with their performance schedule and look after themselves.

The University has acknowledged the importance of this gift and our long support in aiding visiting students.  We seldom see any current undergraduates given our distance from Cambridge, so this activity provides one of the few opportunities for us to interact with today’s student body. Hosts always report it is a joy, indeed a privilege.

This is your opportunity to host one or two really outstanding young men or women for a couple of days.  It is chance to give an immediate gift that is rewarding and more personal than a financial bequest. Please consider the opportunity as soon as possible.

Then contact Dave Stump (davidstump@optusnet.com.au) and Suzie Ruse if you think you can help or would like more information.

Thank you!

David Stump (host families convenor) and Ted Blamey.