2017 Non Profit Fellowship Nominations are Open!

The Non Profit Fellowships of A$12,500 each enable two Fellows selected from the non profit sector Australia-wide to attend the renowned Harvard Business School course titled “Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management” (SPNM)  which is held each year in July.

Nominees must be the head of a non profit organisation who has the potential to have a significant impact in the non profit sector, and who meets various additional criteria.

Applicants may be nominated by a HCA member, a past Non Profit Fellow or the Chairman of their organisation. Applicants may also self nominate but must nominate a referee.

Click here for eligibility criteria, full details and Applicant Nomination Link.

Nominations Close 3 March.

2016 Fellow, Karen Bevan, CEO Playgroup NSW

2016 Fellow, Karen Bevan, CEO Playgroup NSW