HCA Event Reports - October 2017

Event Report - Private Harvard Club Event at NIDA to see 'Hello Again', 23 October 2017:

Harvard Club members and guests enjoyed every aspect of the event – the welcome and introduction by Andrew Ross (Head of Music at NIDA), the pre and post drinks and eats, Hello Again featuring graduating students, and the opportunity to mix with and chat to members of the company afterwards. There is already demand to do this again in 2018.

Event Report - In Discussion with Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, 5 October 2017:

Tim Reed (HBS MBA), CEO of MYOB, shared his experiences with HCA members in leading a large company through innovation and transformation.  Tim provided a brief history of MYOB to set the scene and then focused on the importance of corporate culture in facilitating innovation.  MYOB uses themed multi-year plans to align the full team behind the mission.  Not only was the discussion open and insightful, but the culture learnings are useable for many members’ businesses and organisations.

“Tim Reed plotted an incredible 15-year ride with MYOB – from being in deep financial trouble in the early-2000’s to exceeding a $2b valuation today.
The associated cultural challenges and transformation of the Company from founder control to private equity ownership (x2) and through to a public company environment was extraordinary. ”
I found Tim refreshingly open about MYOB’s journey of ups and downs and ups. That openness gave all who attended a privileged inside look at a great Australian innovation case study. A reminder about the blend of good luck and good management when it comes to picking the right time for expansion into new growth areas and the importance of building a winning culture from the top down. I also came away proud of what Harvard alums are doing for Australia.
— HCA Member

Event Report - Monday Club Lunch with Catherine Burn, NSW Police, 9 October 2017:

At the Monday Club on 9 October, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn discussed issues an challenges facing the Force. Incidents of terrorism and social violence have increased, but so has the capacity of the police to deal with them. Actions of lone wolfs and radicalised youths are often unpredictable and difficult to anticipate. The Force works closely with other state forces and federal agencies to keep Australians as safe as possible.

Bill Gates encourages us to think beyond the trend lines. Terrorism exists, but we have longer lives, less warfare, fewer diseases, more food and better health. Keep things in proportion.
— HCA Member