HAA Award to Ted Blamey Announced

At the Harvard Club of Australia Nonprofit Awards Luncheon, held on 22 June 2016, Ted Blamey was presented with his award by Peter Hasko, on behalf of the Harvard Alumni Association.

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Awards were established in 1990 to recognize outstanding service to Harvard University through alumni activities.

Thomas E. "Ted" Blamey MBA '70, of Sydney, Australia, manages to keep Harvard close to his heart though he is several thousand miles away from Cambridge. A life member of the Harvard Club of Australia, he received its Legends Award in 2011, which recognizes "the most outstanding and long-standing contributions of its most devoted alumni." A councillor since 1994, he also chaired the Club's nonprofits program from 2001 to 2015 and was integral in the creation of its Non Profit Fellowships, which sends two fellows selected from across Australia to attend the Harvard Business School (HBS) course "Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management." Blamey initiated the revitalization of the nearby Harvard Club of Victoria in 1998, acting as a liaison between the two Clubs. He has hosted the annual Krokodiloes tour in Sydney for well over 20 years, helping to coordinate between the group and the Club to organize concerts and other logistics of their stay. Active with his MBA class, Blamey contributes to the Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship at HBS.