Each year the Harvard Krokodiloes come to Sydney on their (US) summer world tour. The Din and Tonics do so every second year (including this). Both are outstanding representatives of all that is good about Harvard – twelve undergraduates who, with great talent and wit, sing their way around the world for two months.

Naturally, they rely on the hospitality of Harvard folk in cities they visit. Our Club members have been billeting them for something like 25 years. And, the students report, Sydney is their favourite stop of the 20 or so cities they visit, largely based on the relationships they form here.

One club member volunteers to be the coordinator for homestays each year. David Stump has graciously taken on the role, succeeding Scoti Albrecht.

But we need members to accommodate the guys – usually two per home, or one. It is a joy and, indeed, a privilege. Can you do so for mid year?

The “Dins” will be here August 1 to 5, the “Kroks” July 10 to 15.

Please email Dave  (or Suzie) if you are able to host on either or both occasions.

And, if you have any gigs you can suggest for the groups, please let Ted  know that too!

Thank you!

Ted Blamey, Councillor