2019/20 Sir James Wolfensohn Scholarship Media release 2019


Four of Australia’s most promising public servants win Harvard scholarships

15 July 2019

Anne Skewes, Deputy Secretary, Land and Housing Corporation NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Elizabeth Hefren-Webb, Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Department of Social Services, Jason Ardler, Deputy Secretary and Head of Aboriginal Affairs NSW, Meredith Day Huntingford, Department of the Attorney-General and Justice, Northern Territory.

The scholarships will allow Ms Skewes, Ms Hefren-Webb, Mr Ardler and Ms Day Hungtinford to undertake an executive education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2019 or 2020.

With the support of the former chairman of the World Bank and Harvard alumni, Sir James Wolfensohn, the Harvard Club of Australia established the Wolfensohn Scholarship in 2012 to promote the development and delivery of good public policy. Each of the candidates was chosen on the basis of their potential to contribute to the benefit of Australian society.

Ms Skewe’s and Mr Ardler’s chosen course is Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage, Ms Hefren-Webb’s chosen course is Senior Managers in Government and Ms Day Huntingford’s chosen course is Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance.

The four recipients were chosen from a wide field of candidates, all nominated by a Commonwealth, State or Territory department or agency head. A shortlist of candidates was interviewed by a panel of Harvard University alumni comprising Kimberly Everett, Nicholas Whitlam and Luke Woodward.


Luke Woodward, 0402 257 604

Australia-Harvard Fellowship awards for 2019

HCA Foundation is proud to recognise six outstanding researchers to become the 2019 Australia-Harvard Fellows. Recipients will be contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in Australia, and to the enhancement of links between Harvard University and Australian academic institutions.

The six 2019 Fellows are:

• Prof. Thomas BORTFELD, Director of the Radiation Biophysics Division, Department of Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital;

• A/Prof. Rachael COAKLEY, Director, Clinical Innovation and Outreach in Pain Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School;

• A/Prof. Vikram KHURANA, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Chief of Division of Movement Disorders, Brigham and Women’s Hospital;

• Prof. Bruce E. LANDON, Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; Professor of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center;

• A/Prof. Jonathan R. POLIMENI, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School;

• Prof. Philip HOGG, Chair in Translational Cancer Research, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney.

Professor Thomas BORTFELD

Prof. Thomas Bortfeld, PhD, a physicist by training, is a Professor at the Harvard Medical School and serves as the Director of the Radiation Biophysics Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Bortfeld has been a primary developer of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and optimized “inverse” treatment planning. He will be visiting The University of Western Australia, The University of Sydney, and The University of Wollongong to educate the staff and students of these institutions on how fundamental physics principles can be deployed to improve cancer treatment, with a view towards initiating research projects in this area.

Prof. Bortfeld will also participate in various conferences and host seminars in his area of expertise.

Professor Bruce E. LANDON

Bruce E. Landon is Professor of Health Care Policy and Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a practicing physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre.

Prof. Landon’s research focus is on understanding how the structure of the health care system, and of organisations that provide health care, impacts health outcomes.

He will be visiting The Menzies Centre for Health Policy at the Sydney University’s School of Public Health to work on strategies to improve the social return on the public health care spending by encouraging higher value services.


Vikram. Khurana is Chief of Division of Movement Disorders at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on using models derived from work in genomics and stem-cells to understand differences amongst neurodegenerative disease sufferers (particularly those with Parkinson’s Disease), with a view to segmenting those with apparently similar symptoms into distinct groups with shared disease processes.

He will be visiting the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to collaborate on incorporating his research findings into new better clinical trial protocols for Parkinson’s Disease.


Rachael Coakley is a pediatric pain psychologist. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Harvard Medical School and Associate Director of Psychological Services at the Boston Children’s Hospital. She is founder and director of “The Comfort Ability,” an international program that teaches evidence-based pain management skills to adolescents with chronic pain and their parents.

She will be visiting The Robinson Research Institute and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network in South Australia to educate researcher and clinicians on best evidence- based practices in pain management, and to establish links for a collaborative research program.

Jonathan R. POLIMENI

Dr. Polimeni is an Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School and is a recognized expert in the use of functional MRI (fMRI) technology.

He will be visiting the University of Queensland to further an ongoing, NIH BRAIN Initiative funded collaboration with Prof Markus Barth and the team at the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) at the University of Queensland.

A key aspect of the collaboration will be to use CAI’s unique fMRI equipment configuration to conduct matching-parallel studies on mouse and human brains, thereby obtaining key insights into mapping out fine-scale structures of the functional architecture of the human brain.

Prof. Philip Hogg

Professor Hogg is the Head of the ACRF Centenary Cancer Research Centre and the Sydney Catalyst Chair in Translational Cancer Research at The University of Sydney Centenary Institute. His research focuses on how certain chemical modification of key proteins can influence their interaction with the immune system. This work has led to a potential new cancer diagnostic and a therapeutic drug, both of which are in clinical testing.

Prof. Hogg will be visiting 2017 Australia-Harvard Fellow, Prof Bruce Furie to progress their collaboration towards better understanding the immune system’s complement system, and how it can be controlled.

These awards take to 74 the total number of Australia-Harvard Fellowships granted since the program’s inception in 2004. Harvard Club of Australia Foundation congratulates these 2019 recipients and offers heartfelt thanks to our volunteers involved in selecting, monitoring and administering the program.

Galina Kaseko

Program Director Australia-Harvard Fellowship 13 March 2019

The International Leadership Development Program for Physicians at Harvard University

The International Leadership Development Program for Physicians

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA

May 13 - 23, 2019

Join fellow physician leaders from around the world to master the skills needed to effectively lead and impact your health care organization. You will have the opportunity to learn from leaders from the field who are recognized experts in improving health care in diverse settings around the world. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to visit and meet with leaders from a high-performing health care delivery organization in the Greater Boston area, as well as work on a personalized change project throughout the program to help improve your organization. Not only will you return home as an improved leader, but you will also have gained an extensive network of physicians from across the globe.

More Information

HCA Nonprofit Fellowship - 2019 Applications Open

The HCA Nonprofit Fellowship Program 2019
Founding Patrons:  William D. Ferris AC and Lea Ferris

Today we launch the 19th year of the Harvard Club of Australia's (HCA) Nonprofit Fellowships and I am honoured to continue as Chair of the program again this year.
**Please note that this year HCA are partnering with Australian Scholarships Foundation and applications should be made via the ASF portal and must be received by 4 February 2019.**
Valued at $A12,500, each Fellowship has been funded by our patrons, Bill and Lea Ferris. We send two Fellows annually to Harvard Business School’s landmark course Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management* in July each year.  They return empowered and find it of real value throughout their careers. Our 480 applicants over the 17 years cover a very broad range of nonprofit endeavours from all over the nation.

Click Here for Full Details and Application Form

We hope you will help us spread to word to eligible non-profit CEOs and help extend the impact of our program and the benefits to the sector.

Lisa George,
Chair, HCA Nonprofit Fellowship Program   

* Full details on the SPNM course can be obtained from: www.exed.hbs.edu/programs/spnm/.

World leading Neuromuscular Researcher and Inventor visiting Sydney

Harvard Neurology Professor Seward Rutkove, is visiting Sydney with the support of the Harvard Australia Club. 

Prof. Rutkove’s work focuses on use of innovative techniques such as electrical impedance and ultrasound to assess muscle function, and his innovative method for monitoring progress of ALS was recognized with the $1 million Prize4Life (https://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/08/health/08als.html).

Prof. Rutkove will be speaking at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron evening of December 4th, and at Westmead Hospital at lunchtime on December 6th.  For those interested in learning more about his work, please see What’s On page.

Susan David at World Business Forum, Sydney, 28-29 May 2019

Susan David, a founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School and an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard University, will be speaking at next year's World Business Forum Sydney.

Please find below some links that may be of interest:

World Business Forum Sydney 2019 Exponential Theme Video

World Business Forum Sydney 2019 Brochure

World Business Forum Sydney 2018 Highlights Video


Wolfensohn Scholars 2018 Announced


Four of Australia’s most promising public servants win Harvard scholarships

The Harvard Club of Australia has announced the following recipients of the 2018 Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship:

10 August 2018

Richard Bolt, Secretary, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transports and Resources, Rebecca McGarrity, Executive Director, Social Policy, Damon Rees, CEO, Service NSW and Darren Foster, Director General, Department of Premier and Cabinet are the 2018 recipients of the Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship.

The scholarships will allow Mr Bolt, Ms McGarrity, Mr Rees and Mr Foster to undertake an executive education program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2018 or 2019.

With the support of the former chairman of the World Bank, Jim Wolfensohn, the Harvard Club of Australia established the Wolfensohn Scholarship in 2012 to promote the development and delivery of good public policy.  Each of the candidates was chosen on the basis of their potential to contribute to the benefit of Australian society.

Mr Bolt’s chosen course is Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage, Ms McGarrity’s chosen course is Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results, Mr Rees’s chosen course is Senior Managers in Government and Mr Foster’s course is Senior Management in Government.

The four recipients were chosen from a wide field of candidates, all nominated by a Commonwealth, state or territory department or agency head.  A shortlist of candidates was interviewed by a panel of Harvard University alumni comprising Naomi Flutter (Wesfarmers), Nick Whitlam (Port Authority of NSW) and Peter Thompson (the Australia and New Zealand School of Government).

Contact:  Luke Woodward, 0402 257 604

Richard Bolt

Richard Bolt

Report - 2018 HCA Program for Nonprofit Leaders

The 2018 HCA Program for Nonprofit Leaders was held 25-27 July, 'The Future of Work in the Digital Age: winning through talent, technology and improved productivity'

It was presented by Harvard Business School Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee and attended by over 50 non-profit leaders.

The program was based on a Harvard Executive Education program, each day starting with discussion groups before case study discussion and lectures with the Professor. Shared meals allowed for more networking among the participants. Lisa George, Global Head, Macquarie Group Foundation was guest speaker.


HCA Dinner Club starting soon!

HCA Dinner Club


We are excited to launch the HCA Dinner Club and hope that this will be a wonderful opportunity for club members to get to know each other over a more intimate meal with a smaller group. 
Like the "small group dinners" or "dining around" you experienced at Harvard, you will be matched via email with around 8 other club members from varying backgrounds. 
Each Dinner Club will decide amongst themselves when and where is the best to dine within an initial 2 month period. This is a pilot launch and the next round will be a multi-dinner series where we shuffle groups for each dinner.
If you would like to participate, please complete the survey by 31 July 2018, and we look forward to dining with you!
For any questions, please contact: Sarah Tesar at sarah_tesar@hks16.harvard.edu


A note from incoming Club President, Charlie Graham

Dear Members,

It was an honour to be elected President of the Harvard Club of Australia at our AGM on 12 June 2018.  I’m very much looking forward to working with the new Board and Council in extending the activities and impact of the Club.  Our recently completed strategic review clarified the Club’s mission as “To make a difference as a Harvard community in Australia”.  This mission is delivered in ways that benefit Harvard, Australia and our members.

It is an exciting time for the Club and for me as President.  The strategic review has provided us with clarity as to Club direction and also, importantly, an operating model that allows for much broader engagement and contribution. 

My predecessor, Justin Greiner, not only led the Club through two years of growth but was also the champion of the strategic review.  Under Justin’s leadership, The Harvard Club of Australia was awarded Harvard’s international club of the year recognition in 2017, we hosted a gala event with Prime Minister Turnbull and grew the reach of the scholarship programs.  On behalf of all members of the Club, I would like to formally thank Justin for his exceptional leadership and contributions to the Club’s success.

The strategic review process involved the commitment and input of many.  However, two Club members played key leadership roles in this process, Chris Smith and Tom Saar.  Both Chris and Tom gave their time, experience and expertise in a manner that is above and beyond any expectation of volunteer members.  At the AGM, Chris and Tom were both elected Life Members of the Club and presented with a small gift and certificate to acknowledge the long-term impact they have both had on the health of the Club.

The new Board is:

President ...................................................Charles Graham MBA ‘01
Vice President for Chapters & Sigs...............Elizabeth Carr MPA ‘04
Vice President for Harvard ..........................Peter Hasko PMD ‘93
Vice President for Members........................Kimberly Everett MUP ‘98
Vice President for Australia .........................Christopher Smith MBA ‘77
Vice President for Club and Treasurer..........Tom Saar MBA ‘87

I encourage all members to participate as a leader or attendee in as many of the Club’s activities as possible.  That is how we will deliver on our mission of making a difference.

Thank you all for your trust in electing me as President and I look forward to working with you through my term.




Winners Announced: 2018 R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard

2018 R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard

Our flagship scholarship program, The Harvard Club R.G. Menzies Scholarship marked its 50th birthday last year with a celebratory event at the Heritage Ballroom at the Westin Hotel in Sydney. Almost 200 members and guests attended and heard our keynote speaker, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, provide an insight into his own philanthropic ideals and efforts.

As part of the club’s strategic review over the last 12 months it was found that the selection of Menzies scholars is quite representative of our club as a whole.  As shown in the following charts.


This year’s scholars were selected in April from an initial candidate pool of 50.  These were short-listed to 11 and 7 of these were interviewed by the selection panel.  The selection panel is comprised of representatives from ANU and HCA.  HCA members included Kimberly Everett, Program Leader for the R.G. Menzies Scholarship, Jon Chambers, and former Menzies scholar Alexandra West.

The selection panel was chaired by another former Menzies scholar Kim Rubenstein who represents ANU.  It is worth noting that this was Kim’s 10th year as chair and she has requested to step down from this position.  The HCA wishes to thank her for her deep commitment and unstoppable enthusiasm to this panel and scholarship.  She will be missed.

The 2018 scholars are Scott Bolton and Simon Dickson.  A brief description of each follows:

Scott Bolton
Scott will be studying at the Graduate School of Education pursuing a Master of Education (school leadership). His goal is to return to Australian and help to lead a turnaround school in educationally disadvantaged parts of Australia.


Scott is a teacher and education researcher who is passionate about educational reform, solving educational disadvantage and educational neuroscience.  Before completing two years as an associate in the selective Teach for Australia program, Scott undertook a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Commerce and Honours in Neuroscience at the Australian National University.   After his placement in the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne, he continued in his leadership role at the school for a following year as Head of the Science Department. While instituting changes around accurate assessment of the science curriculum, he completed his Master’s thesis on Educational Neuroscience. Most recently he has been gaining policy and educational consultancy skills before returning to the classroom and gaining international experience in the United Kingdom. 

Simon Dickson
Simon was awarded the scholarship to undertake a Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government. While at Harvard he plans to explore the relationship between media, politics and public policy, and in particular, the role the media can play in fostering cross-cultural and bipartisan dialogue.


Simon is currently a solicitor working in Sydney. He was formerly the inaugural associate to Justice Stephen Burley in the Federal Court of Australia, and has worked at both the SBS and the ABC networks. Simon graduated from the ANU with a Bachelor of Laws (first class honours) and a Bachelor of Arts, and was a recipient of the Supreme Court Judges’ Prize.

The present endowment managed by ANU plus grants from Harvard University provide enough income to support an average of one and half scholarships every year, or a rolling program of alternating one and two scholarships a year.  We have launched a campaign to add to the endowment fund to enable the HCA to fully support two (2) scholarships every year.  In 2018, the HCAP donated an additional $25,000 to top up the available endowment income to support the award of two scholarships in this anniversary year.  The current standing of endowments at ANU are:

·         HBS (Class of 1970) – total asset of $280,795 with $8,807 distributable 31/12/17

·         RG Menzies – total asset of $1,833,793 with $77,753 distributable.




Outstanding School Principals are heading to the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Outstanding School Principals are heading to the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Media Release:  5 April 2018

The Public Education Foundation, Teachers Mutual Bank and the Harvard Club of Australia are honoured to announce the recipients of the 2018 Principal’s Scholarships.  The four outstanding principals will travel to the Harvard Graduate School of Education to undertake a professional education program tailor-made for school principals

This year’s Harvard Principals Scholars are:

  • James Kozlowski, Endeavour Sports High, NSW
  • Paul McDermott, Blue Haven Public School, NSW
  • Jennifer Parrett, James Fallon High, NSW
  • Hamish Woudsma, Banksia Road Public School, NSW

“This year’s Principals Scholars are stand-out leaders in their education communities. We are proud to be able to support them through the unparalleled opportunity that the Principals Scholars program provides,” Brad Hedgman, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said.

“These public school principals have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a proven record of transforming educational outcomes and a strong capacity for leadership into the future,” David Hetherington, Executive Director of the Public Education Foundation, said.

Each Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarship is valued at approximately $14,000 and includes program tuition for one of two prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education programs: Improving Schools: The Art of Leadership or Leadership: An Evolving Vision.

The Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarships were established by the Public Education Foundation in 2013 offering principals around Australia the opportunity to ‘reflect, focus and recharge’ through professional leadership programs.

Harvard Club of Australia: Since its founding in 1961, the Harvard Club of Australia (HCA) has dedicated itself to the mission of furthering exchange between Australia and Harvard.  HCA aims to promote fellowship among alumni of Harvard University in Australia.  

Teachers Mutual Bank provides key financial services to Australian educators. TMB is one of Australia’s largest mutual banks with over 193,000 members and $6.9 billion in assets.

The Public Education Foundation works in collaboration with the schools, communities, business and both the state and federal governments to provide equity and excellence scholarships for students and educators in public education; and enhance the value and reputation of public education.

For more information please contact: Melanie Morrison, Public Education Foundation

Tel: 02 9266 8247 I Email: melanie@publiceducationfoundation.org.au


Dr. Alice Hill (AB ’81, PhD ’91) elected HAA’s First Vice President for the 2018-2019

Fellow Harvard Alum and Harvard Club members,

Last week I attended the Harvard Alumni Association Spring Board Meeting in Cambridge in my capacity as the Director representing Australasian Clubs and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  And I am excited to communicate that at last week’s Board meeting Dr. Alice Hill (AB ’81, PhD ’91) was elected HAA’s First Vice President for the 2018-2019 academic year.  This election positions her for the post of HAA President in the 2019-2020 academic year. This will be the first time, in 10 years, that the role of President has been held by a member from an International Club and the first time a President has come from the Asia Pacific Region (or indeed the Southern Hemisphere).

As many of you who know Alice, she has spent over a decade serving the Alumni of this Region.  She has served as the President of the HCV and the Regional Director of Australasia to the HAA.  Currently Dr Hill serves as a member of the HCV council, chairs the HCV Non-Profit Fellowship Committee and for the last 3 years has served on the Executive Committee of the HAA.

This appointment is a recognition of her passionate commitment to our Harvard community. And for those of you who have worked beside her, know that this honour is well deserved.

Please join me in congratulating Alice!

Lisa Ray Hennessy MBA '97

HAA Director, Australasia Clubs and SIGS 



Members invited to apply for the 2018 Clive Gard Scholarship

The Clive Gard Scholarship is for current financial Harvard Club of Australia Members to receive a fully funded place at the HCA Leadership Program.

Member Applications for 2018 are now open.

The 2018 Clive Gard Scholarship

Receive a fully funded place at the HCA 2018 Leadership Program


The Future of Work in the Digital Age: winning through talent, technology, & improved productivity


Presented by Harvard Business School Professors Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Ethan Bernstein

Venue RACV Healesville, Victoria

Dates 2pm Sunday 29 July – 1.00pm Friday 3 August 2018

Cost free for the Scholarship winner. Full price $10,750 + GST

Applications - please apply on the Online Form (button below).

Applications Close Friday 18 May, interviews taking place by phone shortly thereafter.

·        ·       

This is a 5 day executive education program, fully residential organised by the Harvard Club of Australia’s philanthropic arm – HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd.  

Please think about making an application yourself or recommending to another Harvard Club of Australia Member. Applications are open to all current financial members of the HCA.

For full details or queries, please email Suzie Ruse, Program Manager for a Brochure

The Scholarship is named after Clive Gard, long-standing administrator of the Harvard Club of Australia and Director of the HCA Leadership Programs.