Membership Donations

It is possible to make tax-deductible donations to HCA’s Foundation. These donations are used to support our program of scholarships and fellowships.

Australian residents receive full Australian tax deductibility for donations to the HCA Foundation and the Menzies Scholarship.

Please note that our Foundation is a Private Anciliary Fund (PAF) with deductible gift recipient status and accordingly, it cannot receive donations from other PAFs. Any such donations would need to be directed to the Menzies Scholarship, as detailed below.

Also note that donations by Australians directly to Harvard University are not deductible against Australian income. For this reason, we advise members to donate to the HCA Foundation according to instructions below.

Donations to the HCA Foundation

Tax deductible donations to the HCA Foundation of less than $1000 can be made here.

Tax deductible donations to the HCA Foundation of more than $1,000 should be made by contacting HCA’s Administrator, who will walk you through the process. The HCA Administrator’s contact details are here.

Donations to the Menzies Scholarship

Tax deductible donations to the Menzies Scholarship to Harvard can be made here. A receipt will be issued by the Australian National University which administers the Menzies Scholarship. Alternatively, they may be made by cheque payable to the Australian National University at the following address, accompanied by a letter specifying that the donation is to be made to the Robert Gordon Menzies Fund. A receipt will be issued by the University.

Karen Holt
Council and Boards Secretariat
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Room 1.09 Chancelry Bld 10
The Australian National University

Tel:+61 2 6125 2825
Fax: +61 2 6125 8524

Acknowledgement of donations by HBS

Harvard Business School acknowledges donations to HCA Foundation as Class Gifts, with the USD-equivalent recorded against donors' names in Harvard University's annual registers. Donors should advise their Class Fundraising Chair, with a copy to:

Susan Hamilton
Director of International External Relations
Harvard Business School
Soldiers Field
Boston MA 02163