HCA Philanthropy Pty ltd

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd manages the educational and scholarship programs of the Harvard Club of Australia.

Two executive education programs are held each year in Australia in late July/early August:

  •  The Program for Leaders taught by Harvard Business School professors; and

  •  The Program for Non Profit Leaders taught by Harvard Business School professors.

  • Email admin@harvardclub.org.au for the Topic and Dates.

The scholarships and fellowships include:

  • The Australia-Harvard Fellowship – which provides funding to support the interchange of senior researchers between Harvard University and leading research institutions in Australia;

  • The Menzies Scholarship – an annual award since 1967 of up to US$50,000 to fund postgraduate study at Harvard;

  • The Non Profit Fellowship – an annual fellowship that enables two Australian  non profit managers to attend the "Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management" program at Harvard Business School;

  • The Roberta Sykes Scholarship – funding to enable talented Indigenous Australians to undertake up to two years postgraduate study at Harvard University;

  • The Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship – funding for senior Australian public servants to attend an executive education program at the Harvard Kennedy School; and

  • The Public Education Foundation’s Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarship – funding to enable two government primary or secondary school principals to attend a short professional program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Funding for the scholarships and fellowships is generated by a surplus from the Leadership Programs.

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd is managed by a Board of Directors:

  • Chris Smith (Chair)

  • Dr Melinda Muth (Secretary)

  • Charles Graham

  • Justin Greiner

  • Jon Chambers

  • Kimberly Everett

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd - Constitution

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