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Cambridge-Oxford-Harvard-Yale Clubs of Queensland Super Rugby event

A belated start to the year for our activities but one which has been very popular in the past. The QRU have put together a second Cambridge-Oxford-Harvard-Yale Clubs of Queensland Super Rugby event following on from the success of two years ago. Hopefully this year we won’t have a repeat of the fog that made it impossible to see the second half! 

The event (see the flyer attached) will be the same price as last time - $100 – which includes a 2.5 hour beverage package and some appetisers pre-game. Feel free to invite guests – it is a great opportunity to meet Alumni from some of the great Universities of the world.

Like our previous event we’ll have two guest speakers in Dr Brett Robinson and Selwyn Button. I know several of you have met Selwyn.

Brett, a surgeon who studied at Oxford – played Rugby for Queensland, Brumbies (captain), Wallabies and Oxford and is the Rugby Australia vice chairman – and has been instrumental in our pursuit of bi-partisan commitment for the Ballymore redevelopment project.

Selwyn Button is a Wolfensohn Scholar and member of the club and is a current QRU Board member, who is universally admired for his commitment to indigenous causes. As a QRU Board member he has been intimately involved with the QRU’s Ballymore strategy.

Tickets are limited to 84 maximum so registration this week is advised.

Kind regards

Jon Lindsay

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