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Book Launch with Rodney Marks

Book Launch Morning Tea

Club member Rodney Marks, Kennedy School MPA '88, and 1996 Harvard artist-in-residence and Benjamin Marks, AGSM @ UNSW Business School MBA '17 , have co-written two box sets of comic books. They will be launched:

Date: 11th June 2019

Time : 11am

Venue; Gresham Partners - Level 17, 167 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

There is no charge for this event.

RSVP essential: Please contact HCA administrator at Justina Blackman

The boxed books are:

Box 1

  1. The Importance of Humour in the Workplace

  2. Ethics

  3. Self-Help

  4. Leadership (jumbo size)


Box 2

  1. When to Consult HR

  2. What They Don’t Tell You About Work

  3. Why Work-Life Balance Matters

  4. Ethics

  5. So You’ve Written A Book.

Eagle-eyed Harvard graduates will note that the book, Ethics, is in both boxes. That's because ethics is plural. And because ethics are plural.

These books are not for the general public. They are neither for sale online nor in bookshops. They are only for private circulation.

A book launch is a great opportunity for the authors to discuss the book with those who haven't read it yet.

These books are written is an economical style, covering each topic pithily.

The authors:

Benjamin is a comedy writer, and at the same time, a serious writer. He writes comedy for politicians, executives, speakers, and comedians. Like other professional ghost writers, he denies it. And he denies that he denies it. His website is, which has been for sale since when it first became available and Benjamin acquired it, but so far there have been no enquiries. Or inquiries.

Rodney is a comedian, a corporate impostor and a comic hoax speaker. His website is, which is proof of age.

Benjamin and Rodney have shared a partners' desk at Fox Studios Australia since 2009. They've co-written so many jokes that they can't remember who's to blame.

The authors will speak about their writing process, and about the book series, who it was written for, and whether it ever end. A Q&A session will follow.