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Inaugural Harvard Club Master Class: Practical Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Inaugural Harvard Club Master Class

Topic: Practical Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Master Class Presenter: Christopher Golis MA MBA FAICD FAIM

Friday 29 June 2018, 9am-5pm, Sydney CBD


Practical Emotional Intelligence for Leaders has been specifically designed for managers looking to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and gain practical, straight forward strategies that can be applied in the workplace.

Unlike other Emotional Intelligence programs that are limited to two or three personality styles, Practical Emotional Intelligence for Leaders uses a model of seven temperament components – the limit of an individual's short term memory.

By the end of the seminar, participants will have completed the four stages of emotional intelligence and will be able to recognise the seven components in themselves and others, identify their own 'hot' buttons, know which social skills strategies to adopt with different people, and know how to control the emotional content in their decision making. The interactive seminar uses three videos and numerous case studies.

Learning outcomes

Through this course, participants will:

  • Improve their observation skills as a basis for understanding people.
  • Learn to identify what motivates them and those around them.
  • Develop strategies for working more effectively with others.
  • Increase their capacity to influence people and improve their communication skills.
  • Learn how to successfully complete tasks through others.
  • Discover how to control the emotional content of their decision making.

Course structure

Prior to the seminar all participants complete the online PEQAS (Practical EQ Assessment). The PEQAS establishes their dominant and weaker core emotional components and starts Step 1 of EQ: Self-Awareness.

The Humm is introduced by comparing it to a variety of profiling techniques such as DISC, NLP, Myers-Briggs and the Five Factor Model.

The 7 Components
Each of the seven components is introduced using extensive audience participation.

Video Case Study
The decision-making process for different personality types.

Hot Buttons
Step 2 of EQ: Self-Management. Useful habits for each component.

Step 3 of EQ: Social Awareness. Participants learn to develop empathy by using six clues: Talk-Organisation-Position-Dress-Office-Gambit.

Video Case Study
A visit to seven managers.

Relationship Strategies
Step 4 of EQ: Social Skills. Why relationship strategies work with one component and not with others and what are the best strategies for each component.

EQ for Managers
How each component affects the decision making of managers. What components make for the ideal leader?

Personality Dissonance
Potential alienation. What are risk groups for each component?

Video Case Study
Personality Dissonance.

Your presenter

Chris Golis’ career started with IBM in 1967 after he graduated from Cambridge University where he studied Economics and Psychology. Chris then did a full-time MBA at the London Business School graduating with a distinction.

On the advice of his tutor, the well-known management author Charles Handy, Chris became a salesperson with ICL Australia. There he first learnt about the Humm, which is the only profiling technology that analyses a person's temperament in terms of seven core emotions. Chris subsequently used the Humm very successfully in his business career which ranged from a salesperson to a general manager, merchant banker and 25 years as a venture capitalist. During this time, Chris was a director of some 30 companies where he gained a solid and practical grounding in dealing with people, particularly in high pressure, conflict situations.

Chris has written three books: The Humm Handbook: Lifting your Level of Emotional Intelligence, Empathy Selling - The New Sales Technique for the 21st Century, and Enterprise & Venture Capital – A Business Builders' and Investors' Handbook, now its fifth edition.

Chris has developed keynote talks and workshops training over 20,000 people in the application of Practical Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Chris’ clients include Citicorp Asia, New York Institute of Finance and PwC.

How to book

Please book online. Limited to 12 places, so early applications are encouraged.

Date: Friday 29 June 2018

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm, with morning and afternoon tea provided and a break for lunch

Venue: Union University and Schools Club, 25 Bent Street.

Dress Code: Jacket plus tie or equivalent.

Cost per person: $499 plus GST.  A tax receipt will be issued.