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HCA AGM Evening

You are invited to the Harvard Club of Australia

55th Annual General Meeting

Enjoy the evening meeting fellow alumni, hearing from scholarship recipients, with drinks and canapes

Guest Speakers:

  • Professor David Haig, Chair of Australian Studies Committee at Harvard and Australia-Harvard Fellow 2017;

  • Karen Bevan, HCA Nonprofit Fellow 2016;

  • Blair Comley, HCA Wolfensohn Scholar and

  • Melissa Proctor, HCA Education Scholar 2017.

Date: Thursday 29 June 2017

Time: 5.30pm for 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Venue: JBWere, Level 42, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney

Dress: Business Attire

Cost: $50 includes drinks and canapes

Professor David Haig

Prof. Haig is one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists.  The 14,000 or so citations achieved by his publications put him in the top 1% most cited researchers. 

His current research interest in genetic conflicts within individual organisms exemplified by genomic imprinting with implications in medicine and understanding of human evolution.  He will be visiting the Behaviour and Genetics of Social Insects lab at the University of Sydney to work with their unique Cape honey bee colony to test whether male honey bees can epigenetically modify their genome to enhance the reproductive success of their daughters, relative to the daughters of other males. This work may help understand the development of genetic diseases.

Originally from Australia, Prof. Haig also chairs the Australian Studies Committee at Harvard University. While in Australia, Prof. Haig will talk about the work of the Australian Studies Committee at Harvard and the history of Australian students at Harvard University (from 1876).