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Lecture by Professor Simon Robson

Harvard Club of Australia Foundation

Australia-Harvard Fellowships

Invitation to Harvard Club Members

Lecture by Professor Simon Robson

Westmead Millenium Institute, Level 2 Conference Room

12pm to 1pm, Thurs. 18th June, 2015

Chaired by Assoc. Prof. Wayne Hawthorne.

Lunch will be provided at 1pm

Dr Simon D Robson is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and physician scientist at the Liver Center and Transplantation Institute at the Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston. His area of basic physical science research involves purinergic signalling and ectonucleotidases, viz. immunological responses and metabolisms fundamentally related to the transplantation of human organs and with particular relevance to xeno-transplantation.    

Both Prof. Robson and A/Prof. Hawthorne are Australia-Harvard Fellows sponsored by HCA Foundation. Prof. Robson’s visit, originally planned for last year, was unavoidably delayed. Prof. Hawthorne will travel to Harvard later this year.

On behalf of HCA Foundation, A-HF Program Director Dr Galina Kaseko will present citations to the Fellows during the session.

Would any Harvard Club members planning to attend please contact Dr Kaseko by email <> for parking and recognition purposes.  

A flyer further detailing Prof. Robson’s lecture is available here.