HCA Philanthropy Pty ltd

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd manages the educational and scholarship programs of the Harvard Club of Australia.

The educational programs include:

  •  The annual Leadership Program taught by Harvard Business School professors; and

  •  The Non Profit Leadership Program taught by Harvard Business School professors.

The scholarships and fellowships include:

  • The Australia-Harvard Fellowship – which provides funding to support the interchange of senior researchers between Harvard University and leading research institutions in Australia;

  • The Menzies Scholarship – an annual award since 1967 of up to US$50,000 to fund postgraduate study at Harvard;

  • The Non Profit Fellowship – an annual fellowship that enables two Australian  non profit managers to attend the "Strategic Perspectives in Non Profit Management" program at Harvard Business School;

  • The Roberta Sykes Scholarship – funding to enable talented Indigenous Australians to undertake up to two years postgraduate study at Harvard University;

  • The Sir James Wolfensohn Public Service Scholarship – funding for senior Australian public servants to attend an executive education program at the Harvard Kennedy School; and

  • The Public Education Foundation’s Harvard Club of Australia Education Scholarship – funding to enable two government primary or secondary school principals to attend a short professional program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Funding for the scholarships and fellowships is generated by a surplus from the Leadership Programs.

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd is managed by a Board of Directors:

  • Chris Smith (Chair)

  • Dr Melinda Muth (Secretary)

  • Charles Graham

  • Justin Greiner

  • Jon Chambers

  • Kimberly Everett

HCA Philanthropy Pty Ltd - Constitution

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